Firmware update - videos and SMC

Hi Sansa,

I put a video file on my Sansa last night for the first time, but the device wouldn’t support it. I’ve browsed your forums today trying to find out what format my videos need to be in. I’m kind of disappointed that currently SMC is needed to sudo-convert and transfer your videos to the player. I am excited to hear that it is under consideration to remove that from the firmware. I’m curious as to how high on the priority list does this fall, and what kind of time frame we’re looking at?

Personally, I use my Sansa Fuze 8GB on Ubuntu Linux; I don’t own computers in my home with Microsoft Windows. In fact, being able to upgrade firmware, and transfer files without additional software was THE main reason why I purchased from Sansa. (The second and third reasons were ogg playback and FM Tuner.) Anyway, being able to convert my videos with my own applications/scripts is kind of important to me and I hope that it’ll be worked on and released soon.

Thanks for a great product!

The next Firmware is due out by the end of this month however I dont know if SMC requirements are different on the next one. Here is the dirty little secret about Video conversion… YOu dont need smc. Its recommended but since you are a lunix user it wont work on your pc. What you can do is find a video converter software for lunix, and search these forums for the Fuze’s video specs and use that converter to make a file that fits the fuze’s specs, and then copy and paste it to the Video subfolder on the fuze.

Thanks ConversionBox. If that’s the case I’ll have to experiment with it some more. I made 3 attempts to transcode and none of them worked. I’ll try again when I get home.