Please release all the needed converting parameters for the Fuze to let us be independent of SMC


I love the new Fuze I got yesterday. It has great sound, great format support, a good battery live and in general is just working very well.
I just had to find out witch version the ID3-Tags need to be in, otherwise it works perfectly with my Ubuntu GNU/Linux OS and my music, MP3 as well as Vorbis and FLAC :).

However, what I don’t like is having to use the SMC for video converting. First because it doesn’t work with Linux, it doesn’t even start with WINE. Normally, I’d have XP installed but it just happens it stopped working after the last patch day some days ago and as I’m not playing any games at the moment I didn’t want to invest hours into reinstalling it because MS screwed somethin up once again. And there are even Fuze users without Windows.

Second because others have reported the video-audio gets out of sync soon and only Rhapsody can do it better. But Rhapsody isn’t available in Europe. And it is apparently awfully slow.

I’ve read quite some threads in the Fuze forums here, at anythingbutipod forums and at ubuntu forums, but as of yet and even with analyzing the preloaded video that comes with the fuze, nobody was able to convert a video so the Fuze would play it with anything other than SMC or Rhapsody.


Please release the exact needed parameters the video needs to be converted to,
so that we who don’t want to/can’t use the SMC and Rhapsody can still convert our videos ourselves.

I believe this is possible, as for the Sansa View people at Ubuntu Forums already found a working converting command (Ubuntu Forums ), but obviously by trial and error and ten months after the View was released.

Just help us putting Videos on the Fuze without having to find out ho to by doing trial and error for wuite some time.

And if you don’t want to give us the parameters please explain why.


I could need this too… SMC is not working with so many video files i have :frowning:

It just stucks while converting without any log or error message.

If i could use VirtualDub for example it would be great!

I already tryed the following Settings but it didn’t work so far:

Container: AVI

Audio: MP3 Audio Codec (LampMP3) with 44100 Hz,12 bits per sample, 16000 bytes per second (128 kb/s)

Video: DivX Codec (DX50) with size 224 x 176, 20 fps

try this…

I read on the sansa site that video for the sansa fuze player needs to be in the following format… haven’t tried it yet.  The SMC converter won’t convert any file I have…:cry:  I’m going to try to convert to this format and just drag and drop.

Container: Fully Interlaced AVI

Codec:     MPEG-4 Simple Profile Level 1 or 2

Bitrate:    Up to 512 kbps

Res.:       QCIF+ 224X176

FPS:        Up to 20fps

Seems like this specific format might be the only thing that works… good luck. As for the audio, I’ve had less trouble with that, some of my video files even play just the audio and show up in my “music” list…??

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