Suggestions for Sansa Media Converter


This is my first post to this forum. Apologies if this has been mentioned before, but searching the forum did not return a specific thread; that’s why I started a new one.

Being a new Sansa Fuze (4GB) owner I admit that this player packs a lot of useful features at an excellent price (compared to iPod’s and the rest).

I just hope that Sandisk continues to support the player with frequest firmware updates, ironing bugs out and providing new features.

Regarding Sansa Media Converter, for the next release I would like to suggest the following:

  • A lot of users, myself included, had trouble converting videos with the SMC, due to the fact that the installation system does not provide a simple hint (or check) for missing codecs that are required. I had to search the forum extensively in order to discover that SMC needs certaing third-party software in order to work correctly (i.e I had to uninstall XviD 1.1.2 and install K Media Codec pack) that are not included or at least mentioned in the SMC package. The bonus was the forum discovery and the wealth of information it contains, but for the sake of being complete there should be an addendum addressing these issues.

  • The ability to encode files without having to connect the Fuze. This will help maintain good battery life, because constantly charging the Fuze via USB (in order to encode files) will degrade it’s performance.

I really like this player and hope that it get’s better because it deserves it.

Many thanks in advance.