Better video encoding

I just got my Fuze a couple of days ago.  The video is fine but the sound is unlistenable when I use the SMC software.  The WMA and MP3 files I created myself sound great but I’ve tried 4 other MPEG-4 encoders in various modes and none of them seem to work in the Fuze.  I set the resolution at 224x176 15fps, usually 512kbps.  Is there a way I can have greater control over the encoding process and still have it compatable with the Fuze or am I stuck with whatever the Japanese software engineer guessed the sound quality should be?

Thank you.

Sorry to say that, according to other threads on the forum, SMC is the only way to load video. It sucks, but there ya go.:angry:

You can load video using Rhapsody Client as well.