Won't Transfer to PC

It won’t transfer to my PC. The USB ports are all good; I tried a different cable and the MP3 does charge when plugged in to PC. Please…Does anyone know what to do to fix it?

Best results using the micro USB cable that came with your player. Many generic cables do not have the required data transfer wires.

Thank you. So now the problem is either the cable or the player itself.

Do you have the original cable? The next best choice is a micro USB cable that is known to exchange data between a device and a computer (such as a GPS device). I have several dollar store and 5 dollar store micro USB cables that do not work with my totally working Clip Jam and Clip Sport players.
This is not the fault of the player. It is all about the technology of USB transmission of data.

Check out the humorous drawing and explanation at this weblink: