Micro USB Data Cable vs. USB Charging Cable

After 15 months of owning a SanDisk Clip Sport, I finally learned that not all micro USB cables will allow the player to transfer data with a PC (or Mac).  The micro USB cable that comes with a Clip Sport is thicker than most other micro USB cables I have accumulated.  So far only my SanDisk cable and a cable from my old Garmin GPS allow full data communication with my Clip Sport.  

   My many other non-data micro USB cables will allow charging of my Clip Sport (from a PC or A/C wall adapter). These cables are about 1/2 thickness of the SanDisk cable.  Maybe a few of the data communication problems reported by Sansa users over the years were due to the selection of a non-data USB charging cable (and not the location of the USB port on their computer)?

I’ve never had any issue using any of my standard USB cables with my Clips, over many years.  Presumably, all my cables are full sync + charge cables (the norm), as distinct from charge only cables.