Charging battery Sandisk Clip Sport

I am a bit ‘upset’ that i have to attach the Clip to my computer in order to charge it.

I tried using one of the 5v AC adapters I had and plugged the Clip into outlet. It did show the the littler green bar moving from left to right hand corner of screen, but it didn’t have the wording “Charging” that shows when I plug it into my USB port. When I use the USB cable to charge it says “Charging,” and when it is finished it says “Charged.”

When I use an AC adapter/USB I don’t see the word “Charging,” nor does it have “Charged” when it is fully charged.  I just see the green bar in upper right of screen moving from left to right. And then when it is fully Charged (I believe) the green bar is solid and not moving any more.

Is that the way it is supposed to be when using the AC adapter/USB? Differnet wording than what shows when using the USB cable?

I just want to make sure they are both doing the same thing and the AC/USB is not causing damage to my Sandisk Clip Sport.

Yep, that’s what it does–for good reason, as you can fully use your Clip while it is charging via AC, and you don’t want the screen obstructed.  It’s a good thing!   :slight_smile:

Is there a Limit of the Volts and Current of AC?

Is It ok to use longer USB Cable from the one that is inside the packge?

You can use a standard USB extender cable (male to female).  I think the micro tip for the Sansa USB cable (female end) includes a plastic lining to prevent accidental bending of the cable connector (male end) inside the player housing.   I would only use the Sansa micro connector cable to plug into the Sansa player.

   Maybe a SanDisk “guru” level user will provide a more accurate answer?

Personally, I like the short SanDisk USB cables for on-the-go use–easy to carry–but when at home, I just use whatever generic cable I have at hand and I have never had an issue.  As noted abve, though, always be careful when inserting the plug, to avoid bending pins or damage to the port (I’ve never had that issue, either).

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