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I have the clip sport 8gb. I use extended sandisk 16gb sd card for extra storage. the problem i encounter with this device is when i transfer a album to it-it goes on-i can see the album when its transfered.when i unplug from the pc-i go to the album i just put on and it has like one track on it-not the full 9 tracks.

I put another album on last year-all 17 tracks-yet it won’t play 17-shows up as 16?.

I’m i going mad or i’m a just doing this wrong?.


One quick idea. At the end of your next music transfer session, try using the Eject command. (Right click on the SD card, then Properties, Tools).   Possibly you are disconnecting your player before the delayed file writing feature of Windows is completed.  

Or the ID3 tags are missing or somehow unreadable by the player.

Best to check and/or edit them with MP3Tag.

I’ll download a album or get a old cd album,burn it,find the album,add it to the sd card.when i start the mp3 sandisk clip sport it has tracks missing,or i just can’t find the album.

My old sandisk mp3 player(one with the disk wheel on the front)worked a charm,this is more frustraiting  than having a argument with donald trump