Albums missing


I have downloaded loads of albums no issues recently 3 albums all saved to PC by Windows media player, WMA files

Transfer them over to MP3 the folder via PC shows they are there, but when i turn teh MP3 on they are not there in any list not even under unknown albums

Plugged MP3 into the PC at work clicked on a track that is not showing and the track played fine but not showing when MP3 is standing alone, tried looking uder tracks rather than albums and artists in case but nothing

Any ideas ??

How many tracks do you have on it? There is a database limit of approx. 2000 (internal) & approx. 2000 (SC card) if I recall correctly.

Not sure thats an issue as the albums are around 12-12 tracks each but another with 28 a double album and soe were lengthy tracks went on without an issue

Well, you said "I have downloaded loads of albums no issues ", which makes me wonder if you haven’t hit the limit & that’s why the latest 3 you put on are not showing up.

is that limit on both the clip sport is 8gb and teh card is a 32 gb one, surely it can take more than 2k of tracks?

The memory size of the unit and/or card doesn’t matter. It’s a limitation of the processing chip (hardware). SanDisk experimented with a beta firmware release which featured a larger database (4000) for a while, but went back to the standard database when it gobbled up too much of the resources needed for other features.

Take a look at this message stream on the SanDisk Forum.

So when it states it supports a 32gb memory card, it clearly doesnt then as i have looked and im upto 7.93bg with 21 odd left.

Surely then i have been mis sold a player that can do what it says it can

Poor form if true

And a waste of money, whcich is a shame as i love these litle MP3 units

I could not resist a reply to your comment. This is my favorite topic within the Clip Sport Forum.

 You are correct in your harsh assessment.  I use 3 work-arounds for my continued personal enjoyment of my Clip Sports. 

  1.  I continue to use beta Firmware 1.28 in all my Clip Sports (see above),

  2.  I only use 16 gb micro SD cards in my Clip Sports. 

  3.  Instead of buying 32 gb cards, I buy more Clip Sports.

      I use the player color for genre sorting. 

@leftbehind wrote:

So when it states it supports a 32gb memory card, it clearly doesnt then

Actually, yes it does. What it does NOT support is the number of tracks a 32GB card can feasibly hold.