Music not showing on my Jam


Have loads of music on my Jam purchased a new CD saved it in the same way to PC, transfered across as normal.  Shows as being there but when i turn teh jam on its not there.

Just done another CD today no issues so re tried doing the other album again same problem on PC shows its on teh Jam, but when swicthed on not showing.

Any ideas

how many files do you have on the jam? The Jam and Sport have a 2000 file limit for the internal memory and 2000 for external memory. The two databases are not combined. if you have more than 2000 files on either anything past 2000 will be ignored by the player. 

Yes more that 2000 but its weird how the other album has gone on no issues

I ill try and drag and drop a few albums over to the memory card in it to see if that makes a difference