Problem with Sandisk 16GB Memory Card

Hi all,

I have just purchased a Clip Zip and a Sandisk memory card to use with it. Unfortunately, whilst most of the library loads, there are a few artists which don’t. I have tried moving them onto the player’s memory, and they work then, so it seems to be a problem reading the card rather than the tags of the files. I purchased the memory card from Amazon so I have eliminated the possibility that it could be a fake card. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem may be?
Thank you for your help! 

how many files do you ahve on the player? keep inmind that the zip has a 8000 song database limit. anything over 8000 will not be parsed and will not display in the menu. if you ahve less than 8000 files can you post a few of the trouble files so we can take a look at it?

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I didn’t know about the 8000 song limit, that will be it. I suppose I’ll have to choose between some albums! Thank you for helping me to resolve the issue.