32GB cards and MP3 files

Sandisk says that the Clip Zip can use 32GB cards but that 16GB is max recommended size for MP3/WMA.

Do you people who have 32GB cards have any problems with MP3 files, or what could that warning be about?

The SanDisk firmware is limited to about 6000 files. I so if you use small files you won’t be able to use all the space. With flac or higher nitrates you can.

“Nitrates”? :confounded:

Blame swiftkey!

Ok, then I will get a 32 GB card, since now on my filled up 16 GB i have 2600 files.

Thank you for answering.

OK I have a 32gb card, and I guess I have over filled it past the 6000 files, because i dumped a few 100 more files on it last night and then i started removeing every other one of my old files!   I didnt know you could “over fill” this card and the sandisk will not reconize some of the files on the card.   I have top bilboard 100 songs by yr from 1965 to 2012 (so 100 songs per yr)  which is great but thats all that will go on my sandisk :(  Is there anywhere around this?? a different model?  This is awefull , i mean whats why you buy the space but then you cant use it?!?! 

Ideas anyone?  any updates to make my sandisk accept like 10,000 files? or should i get a different model and take my zip clip back to best buy?

ivtecboy@yahoo.com is my email.


The database limitation has nothing to do with the available memory space. It only option I see for you is to install Rockbox (3rd-party, alternative, open-source) firmware. It has no such limitation.

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