Anyone tried the 32GB microSD card ?

not good at English,I try to make it “readable”,:flushed:

I know a guy pluged a 16GB microSD card,and it plays with clip+ well.

But I have nearly 30GB mp3 files,and used to “shuffle all”.

I have checked all the reviews and manual,find nothing about it.

"miniSDHC support“,no capacity mentioned,do it means 32GB ones is included?

I notice this:

a good news for me.

another question :

Does “Sandisk Clip+” support “Sandisk 32GB microSD card” ?:smileyvery-happy:

anyone tried?


The one caution:  there appear to be many fake cards out there.  Proceed with care and always make sure you have the option to return a defective card or card that does not work as stated, including as to capacity.

@chillmax wrote:


But I have nearly 30GB mp3 files,and used to “shuffle all”.


While a 32gb microsdhc card can be used in the player, there is a song limit of up to 8,000.   Being able to reach that limit can depend on a number of factors.   Some have reported that the player, while loaded with 8,000 songs, will only show about roughly 6500 files, others have reported less than that, and there are some who can get over 7000 songs to show on the player, so it varies.

Thank you so much.

I feel terrible at the first glance,then I did the math,found that It’s not a problem for me.

Because my mp3 files are all 320Kbps converted from ape/flac.

A 32GB card could only contain 3000 songs,more or less.

Anyone tried the 32GB microSD card ?

Yes, Lexar 32GB class 10 works fine.