Film Pro vs Samsung 32GB microSD cards


I have a Samsung Clip+ and two 32GB microSD cards.  The first is a class 10 made by Samsung.  The second is a class 4 by FilmPro.  To my surprise, the Clip+ is able to read songs off of the FilmPro card, but not the Samsung card.  Is this a firmware issue?  Can I correct it by updating my device’s firmware?  Or does new firmware need to be written for the class 10 32GB microSD cards?  (I would prefer to use the Samsung card since copying music to it is much faster.)

Thank you very much.

Not a firmware issue.  Have you tried reformatting the Samsung card?  The SD Association’s Formatter tool often can cure possible issues.

Although there is no ‘known (or admitted) issue’ with different brands of cards with the Clip+ (only the Zip, and the latest firmware update addresses that), we’ve heard from others having similar problems with Class 10 cards too.

My Class 10 32GB Lexar card works fine with my Clip+. I’ve been using it for about a month, usually with Rockbox and occasionally with the original firmware.