Micro SD Card Size with FLAC FIles

I have been ripping all of my cd’s to flac files for the clip sport. I Have a 32 gb card to put in my clip sport but the total storage with the player is only 40gb. Can I not use a 64 gb card as long as the song maximum of 2000 and playlist maximum on 50 on either player or card is not exceeded? I already have 50 gb of music but less than 2000 total songs under flac.

Yes, if you first re-format the card from its native exFAT format to FAT32. Note, Windows won’t do this for you; you have to use 3rd-party software.

I haven’t used them myself, but GUI Format and SD Formatter 4.0 (from the SD Association) are two that I’ve heard people having success with.

By the way: my two Sports – one with 32 GB, the other with 64 GB card (with FAT32, although exFat also worked) – can’t play Flac files properly. They all show distinct crackle.

Thanks for the info. It sounds like I’ll still have trouble playing the files. I guess I’ll need to save uo for one of those Sony players. 300.00 is kind of steep, though.

Return the Clip Sport and get a Clip+ or Clip Zip. I have all three players, and the Clip+ and Clip Zip with Rockbox installed are great. I was hoping to be able to get a Clip Zip with a larger battery and a larger screen, which is what the Clip Sport should have been. I hope Sandisk will release this as their next player. I love the Clip Zip with Rockbox installed, except for the battery life which is only around 15 hours.

The Clip Sport has a nice sized screen and nice form factor. If only it had the same processor as the Clip Zip so I could put Rockbox on it. Oh well. It seems a pity that Sandisk kept making the Clip+, but stopped making the Clip Zip. I greatly prefer the Clip Zip to the Clip+ with Rockbox installed. Without Rockbox though the firmware on the Clip Zip was so annoying.