SanDisk Clip Jam 8GB with 64GB micro SD card - artist not showing up

Hi guys,

I’m having trouble getting some of my music to show up under the artist on my Clip Jam. Basically I have ~30GB of music that I’ve loaded onto the external memory card and over half of the music doesn’t show up under the artist or album when I look under the ‘card->artist/album’ menu. It does show up in the ‘folder->extranal card’ menu though. I’ve checked all the ID3 tags on the music and they’re all fine. I’ve even checked by removing all the music from the Clip Jam and then just transferring one album that wasn’t previously appearing in the artist menu. It did show up when it was the only music on the external SD card.

I took all of the albums that weren’t showing up off the SD card and added one more back on. This album that I added back on didn’t show up. So I took 2 albums off the SD card and loaded one back on and it showed up! This album was the 123rd album folder. and took the total space used on the SD card to around 14GB.

This leads me to believe that there is a folder or total file size limit at which the Clip Jam stops looking for the artist names to list in the ‘card->artist’ menu. Is this true? Is there a way that I can override this? Any other tips to get all 30GB of music to show in the SD card artist menu would also be helpful.


I think you’re limited to ~2000 songs on the SD card, so thats probably whats happening.

Saratoga is correct. The Clip Jam has a (hardware-related) database limitation of 2000 - internal and 2000 external card track count.

Okay, that’s frustrating. Is there anyway to override it? Maybe By changing some of the .lib files that the sandisk saves on to the SD card when it’s inserted?

Unfortunately, no. At least, not at this time. There’s a beta firmware for the Sport model that raises the file limit at the expense of some other features. If all goes well, the developers might duplicate this for the Jam, but that could be down the road a piece.

Ah, sigh, for the good old days of the Clip+ and Clip Zip with their 8,000-10,000 limit . . . .