Empty Playlist

I saw one other post for this, but really didn’t see a solution.  I have a clip sport, with a 32gb micro sd card - the card has all the music on it (not even half full).  I have a few songs on each of the go lists, but not many at this point.  I’m trying to load other playlists onto the player, using windows media player, following the instructions exactly.  I’ve spent way too much time on this, doing everything I can think of, and sandisk is not at all helpful.  I get the playlist to show up, but it says empty.  There are no special characters in any of the songs, or the name of the playlist, it’s in the m3u format, and I don’t have anywhere near the limit of songs that can be on playlists (I didn’t realize there was an overall limit, but not a problem at this point).  

I’m very frustrated, because I like it, if I could just get my other playlists on here, I use it to workout, and like to have a variety of choices, or else I get bored.  I don’t need much…just that.

If anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it.  Everything else seems to work at it is supposed to, as far as I can tell.