playlist says "empty" on the clipsport

Brand new clipsport. Successfully made and loaded three playlists, but the fourth one (which is very large) did not work. although I see the music files and the .m3U file in the ClipSport’s Music folder.  When I go to playlists, the playlist title is there, but when I press it the screen says “empty.”  What did I do wrong? How can I fix this? 

Define “large”.

I followed SanDisk instruction very carefully several times and after copying the music folder with the playlist in it, I find that it is empty in the Sport. What can be the reason? I did reset and tried several different sizes without success.

Some of my playlists are empty as well, because either:

  • there are already 2000 titles spread out over the other playlists, and 2000 is the clip sport limit;

  • the references in the playlist file contain ‘special’ characters, such as é, è, â etc.

See my latest post earlier today.