SanDisk Sport Clip playlist issue

I posted before about a SanDisk Sport Clip mp3 I have. I have learned a lot now about its whereabouts…it was purchased in Colorado prison system, which makes sense.

So I’ve managed to simply take the songs off my laptop, operating with Windows xp (I know), and put all on the external sd card. I then make an m3u playlist and put it in the card as well.

It’s worked twice but now doesn’t work at all. I can see my playlist on the screen but it shows "no music " underneath it.

I always erase the sd card when doing this, and the mp3 puts a lot of files back on once it’s in the unit.

My question is, why do I keep getting this message when I’m putting both the m3u and all associated music on the sd card?

I should note that because it’s a prison edition, it appears to grant no permission to see the internal disk storage.

Thanks for the insight.