WMP Sync and Song Ratings

When I rate a song on my Fuze and then sync using Windows Media Player (Windows 7 Ultimate) the rating from the song does not affect the copy on my computer.  This is disappointing.  Do I have to live with it or is there something I can do?

Sansa Fuze V02.03.33A

Memory 7807 MB

Free 60 MB



I just got it to work using Media Monkey and the instructions below.  When I change the rating of a song on my Fuze and then sync, the song in the Media Monkey library shows the new rating.  I’m pretty happy with Media Monkey so far and I only have the free one.  It is also removing content on my Sansa Fuze that is not in the Media Monkey sync list, which is what iTunes has taught me to expect with syncing.