How do I get ratings to transfer back to my computer library from the fuze?

I love the ability to rate songs on the Fuze as I am listening to them, but so far I have not seen one of these ratings stick with the song and be synced back to Windows Media Player 11.

Is there something I need to turn on or enable to make the ratings I give songs on the fuze sync back to my songs on my computer library?

Any help is appreciated.

So am I the only one that makes use of the ratings on my Fuze among the users on this forum? lol

Someone once said that J. River Media Center syncs ratings both ways! I use MSC mode, so I can’t sync ratings.

Using MTP mode, my ratings from Rhapsody and WiMP all display.  The only bizarre thing I see is that WiMP shows the ratings in two levels, the five ghosted stars, a blue highlight on each group (album display), and a yellow highlight on my selected rating from Rhapsody.  I haven’t quite figured out the blue highlight as yet.

Bob  :cry:

They’re asking if you can sync ratings from the Sansa to the computer. It’s not possible with Windows Media Player (WiMP, great abbreviation!) or Rhapsody. The reason I haven’t tried J River Media Center it because you have to pay for it.

Hehe…  Actually, on my end, I have matching ratings from Rhapsody tracks and the player.  I have pulled various tracks from the Sansa to the PC, using WiMP in reverse, while offline.

The ratings are matched on all of these tracks.  Perhaps, Rhapsody versus the Sansa matches the ratings, and then WiMP copies them over.  My only question is what were they thinking with the dual rating display that I see here (blue / yellow).

This is with WiMP11.

Bob :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, that makes sense!

I don’t get WMPs rating system either…

Do you like Rhapsody? I’m thinking oftrying it!

Thanks for all the advice.

I am liking Rhapsody so far.  The main reason I wanted to try it is for the Channels, I rarely listen to entire new albums when they come out, but if I stay subscribed I might in the future.

But I like being able to sync up a channel to my device and have a few different channels of varying genres.

That way I have something new, in the genre of my choice, that I can listen to at any time.  I also enjoy the Comedy Channel, have gotten quite a laugh out of that one, although it is an explicit channel fyi.

Rhapsody is great, especially the Channels function.  I have several different genres of music, regularly updated automatically as I listen to the individual tracks.  If I like a particular track, it’s a single button press on the Sansa to add it to my personal library.

The Rhapsody client includes a CD ripping function, with a decent tag editor.  The only quirk I’ve run into involves album art while importing CDs.  Rhapsody doesn’t always integrate the album art, when the source is a CD.  In this case, I drag and drop the album art using the built in editor, or manually, via the album folders.

Overall, with a whole family of Sansas, Rhapsody makes far more sense than individual downloads.

There’s a 30 day free trial linkhere.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Cool, I think I’ll try the 30 day trial!


Note that if Rhapsody isn’t to your liking, it’s NOT like dropping AOL.  Customer Service can be reached via the live chat function at any time, starting from the Rhapsody client.  Your account can be managed easily from the drop down menu.

Each account allows up to three PCs and three devices, so access and multiple Sansas is great, especially if you have multiple children.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: 

Sounds cool! But I think I’m still going to use MediaMonkey, because I researched it a bit, and it seems that Rhapsody’s sync is slow. Correct me if I’m wrong!

Uh, perhaps we’re comparing table salt to titanium here.

Media Monkey is a music library synchronization application, Rhapsody is a music service. 

The recent concern over speed has to be taken in perspective- the Sansa has to be plugged in to recharge anyway, so it’s more of a concern than a crisis.  One can opt to have the Rhapsody client pull a copy of each track to the PC hard drive, in a single cache, and the tracks will pop over to the Sansa in mere seconds.

The speed of transfer for MM and Rhapsody to the Sansa should be essentially the same, as it’s just a file transfer.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I get what you mean about speed over crisis and that rhapsody is a music service and MM is a sync service, but MediaMonkey has a built in web browser that goes to Amazon’s mp3 downloads and I use that. It’s a little harder than Rhapsody, but it works! And what I like about Amazon: no DRM!

Do you have to be in MTP mode for Rhapsody? Nevermind, found the answer.

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Rhapsody transfers ratings back into your Library from the Fuze.

Also, Rhapsody has some cool features that aren’t very visible… for instance, you can follow this use pattern:

Connect the Fuze to Rhapsody

Create a new Dynamic Playlist

    ( Criteria such as “50 Songs, Rating > 3” )

Open the properties for the Fuze

Select “Keep Synchronized” for the new playlist

Download a Channel to the Fuze

While listening to the Channel, “Add to Library” and Rate a song you like

Reconnect the Fuze to Rhapsody

    (Rating and Library will sync)

Now, as you tag more music, it will get added to your “I like this stuff” playlist, and you’ll always have a fresh assortment on hand. :slight_smile:

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Good idea Romzombie, the thing I don’t like about Rhapsody is that when I mark a song in a channel as blocked/banned (the absolute lowest rating), even after I refresh the channel with Rhapsody, that song is STILL on my player.   That part I do NOT like =P

So am still in my trial, but so far is not looking like it will be something I would want to subscribe to.

It is a great way to hear new music, but when I hear music and don’t like it, I never want to hear it again, and it doesn’t seem Rhapsody has a way to remove that artist from my channel.

With the migration of thousands of Yahoo subscribers to Rhapsody, the pressure will be on RealNetworks to modify and improve the ratings system, rest assured.

One of my favorite quirks is the “Christmas In July” situation I’ve heard mention of.  If you select a Channel, sometimes the system inserts music by an artist from a Christmas album.  Though there’s nothing inherently wrong with the music, it’s out of place to most users, given the time of year.  All that’s required is a little more attention to detail on the programming end.

Yahoo’s star ratings system was a bit different, as was their song selection based upon ratings, but this will hopefully be blended in, in the future.

Any time you have a blending of two systems, there will be the inevitable quirks.  My personal favorite is the “banned” selection.  Some day, I’ll be completely free from tapping the “next” key, but overall, I like the service.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I thought that syncing ratings was a function of MTP?

I had an iRiver many moons ago, and I could’ve sworn that ratings would sync from the player back to WMP.