Rating my music for Sansa?

Ok! Here is my dilemma. I have rated some songs on my Sansa Fuze, but when my library refreshes I lose not all, but some of my ratings. I do know the ratings I’m losing is from my SD Card and not the player it’s self as those rating stay in tack. I did read on this forum that this is a glitch and may be fixed next firmware update which would be great.

Now to the real question though. I have my ratings in my WMP set up too, but they aren’t transfering over to my Sansa and I was wondering if there was something special I need to do or maybe another program I could use to get these rating to show in my Sansa when going from computer to the Sansa Device?

Sansa Version: 01.01.22a Using: WMP11 OS: Win XP SP3

Thanks in advance…

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@figgy wrote:

I’m not positive, but I think you have to be in MTP mode for the ratings to flow back and forth.

Correct.  One of the things MTP does in the background is song ratings.  In MTP mode, Windows Media Player can see the Sansa as a media device.