Getting ratings from MediaMonkey

I use MediaMonkey 3 to manage my music but cannot get the ratings for the tracks to transfer to my Fuze.

Any ideas how to transfer the star ratings to my Fuze?

If I use different software will my ratings transfer across?

I’m not 100% sure, but I think you have to use MTP mode for ratings to work and transfer.:smiley:  (I’ve never worried about them) :wink:

That did not work.  I tried MTP and MSC but the ratings are not transferred.  I also tried using Windows Media Player and the problem still exists


Thats the last time I spend money buying their products.

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another thing that doesn’t work with Media monkey is player counter. this is great for podcasts, you can have media monkey manage your podcasts for you and delete them from the system once you’ve listened to them on the fuze. this doesn’t work because the fuze doesn’t support file counter. this would of make my life a lot easyer but why would anyone want to do that.

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Looks like you will not be buying another sansa too.