Sync of Song Ratings from SansaClip to WMP is broken!?

Hi all,

like the Title says, the song ratings I have added or modivied with the sansa clip are not synced back to the Windows Media Player?! (I also tryed Mediamonkey, same problem.)

Some are synced coorectly but most are not synced at all. 

Is it supposed to be like this or am I doning something wrong? 

I have WinXP WMP 11 (MM 3.0) and a SansaClip 8GB with Firmware V02.01.13.F 

Can annybody confirm this behaviour or tell me how to fix it?

Please Help!

Please, can anybody confirm that he has the same problem or is it just me???



Yes, I have the same problem.

I can´t find any information on whether the Clip is supposed to have this capability. The song ratings should be updated from the player to WMP11 if the player has that capability.

Anybody familiar with this, is it a feature or a problem?

Havent Tried it with the Clip but the Fuze does not transfer that info. Based on that I would guess the Clip is the same.

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Have you tried this in MTP mode?

Using the Clip, Fuze, and e280v2, WiMP11 synchronizes the song ratings in MTP mode.

I use WiMP11 and Rhapsody, and my song ratings are all intact.  This is with wma DRM tracks from Rhapsody and wma ripped from CD.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: