getting song ratings on the PC from clip

I love to rate my songs, usually I do it on the computer with winamp’s media library, but I recently found out the clip has an option to do it.  How can I synchronize this with the media library?

I’m using MTP mode

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You can synchronize your song ratings within Windows Media Player.

I’m running WiMP11, and the songs that are rated from the device or Rhapsody show the star ratings when using WiMP for transfers.  The ratings can be changed by simple mouse click, and will match after clicking the Sync button in the WiMP interface.

The key is to set up WiMP for automatic synchronization.

But be forewarned!  On that first sync session, be ready to tap the Stop Sync button, an then select Set Up Sync from the little button below the top Sync tab.  A box will pop up, showing two columns of items synchronized.  You’ll want to remove the “all music” and “all photos” selections from the right column, lest WiMP try to port everything in the world on to your device.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

cool, I will try it out.  Do you know where the ratings are stored on the clip in case i don’t figure out how to get them from WMP to winamp and just wanna look at the ratings?

ok so I installed WMP11 and sync’d but the song ratings are just plain wrong / off. Some of them are right, but the vast majority are wrong or not there. I disconnected and verified that they are different on the clip, and plugged it back in - same thing. I changed ratings and it did not show up. Anyone have this problem? Which file contains the song ratings in MTP or MSC mode?
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Make sure you have the latest firmware  1.0.29  for this to work.

I do.  I guess I will go through song by song to get my ratings and then reformat and see if it helps.

Could you tell me where they are stored so I could perhaps write a plugin for winamp / not have to go song by song for all 4gbs to get ratings?

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i reinstalled the newest firmware , reformatted the player, but it still has the ratings wrong.  they aren’t completley wrong, about 50% are right, the others are off, mostly being +1 star above what i actually rated them.  but it is annoying because not all of them are like this. 

i have the newest WMP.  my friend’s clip also does the same thing on bith of our computers.  will this be fixed in the next firmware?

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Regarding some songs’ ratings being off by one star; I believe the Sansa Clip uses 4 stars as the max rating, while some music managers use 5 stars.  So you would expect the rating to be off by one star.

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the ratings on the clip go from 0 to 5.  i’m rating on the clip and then bringing it to the computer with WMP, which i’m told is what the clip is meant to sync with.

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this is ridiculous that this problem hasn’t been awknowledged and its made to work with WMP.

do any of the other sansa players even sync ratings right?

what DAPs DO show the ratings correctly?

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this is ridiculous that this problem hasn’t been awknowledged and its made to work with WMP.


do any of the other sansa players even sync ratings right?


what DAPs DO show the ratings correctly?

Not to make anyone nauseous, but … iPods.



At least that was my experience when I used to sync my iPod with MM (months ago).

ugh I’d prefer not to have to use itunes… can I at least get a confirmation that these players are not the only ones having this problem?

please fix this problem

seriously, this is not a hard problem to fix, the ratings show up in WMP, just not correctly. give me the source code and I’LL do it.

I don’t understand why you need to rate the songs.

i am trying to start a large database of album and song reviews, and i wanted a small little portable player to save essentially what i thought of a song while listening to it when I am not around my computer.

do you realize that the clip intended to have this feature, and about 75% of it works, just the ratings are not calibrated correctly.  that’s literally a change of a couple characters of code.

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do any of the other sansa players even sync ratings right?


The Sansa Connect, which uses firmware made by a different company (Zing).

now that my sansa clip has died, i am debating whether to get a 4gb clip or some other player.

will this feature be fixed? i like the player for everything else but it has really held me back in what i want to do with my album collection.

i don’t need synchronization, i just want to be able to view all of the song ratings on my clip at once.  or even just view the ratings of each song in an album by once… or even just one at a time.  anything quicker than:

  1. music

  2. play all

  3. hold middle button

  4. select middle button to return to song screen so i can click

  5. next track.

  6. repeat 3 -> 5 for all songs.

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i really am in shock sandisk would ignore this bug, it isn’t even a feature request.  they did a good job with my earlier feature requests of lowering minimum volume…

Well, I’m not really sure I’d consider lack of syncing and storing song ratings to be a bug.  It’s just an optional MTP feature.  Many MP3 players don’t have this feature.

Also, there are other threads discussing whether there’ll be any firmware upgrades to the Clip … I think the consensus is “doubtful” :cry: