Sync issues: Want to sync ratings between laptop and Fuze using WMP11

Hello, I want to sync ratings which are very important to me since I have a lot of music. I can get ratings onto the Fuze when I sync the files but I want to sync new ratings from device, to the computer (and vice versa if they are unrated on Fuze but rated on laptop.)

Its in MTP mode as I know that it needs to be to sync ratings.

What is your question/problem?

You have the Fuze in MTP mode.  Open up Windows Media Player 11, plug the Fuze to the computer.  WMP11 should recognize that a device is plugged in.

You should be given the option to sync you Library with the Fuze, and your ratings should transfer over.

What isn’t working for you? 

I want to sync BACK to PC but it doesn’t seem to let me. For example when I plug my iPod into iTunes, it syncs BOTH ways. This is only syncing ONE way, PC to Fuze.


WMP11 still won’t let me sync back to PC from Fuze…