Song Rating system sucks...

ok, so I get the Rhapsody rating thing, but seriously, what about those of us that dont want to use Rhapsody?

Why cant I use ANYTHING else to view the ratings I have placed on songs in my Fuze? I cant view them in Windows explorer, I cant view them in Windows Media Player, and I DO NOT want to put Rhapsody on my computer…

any ideas how I could view them?

BTW: im rating the songs I want to remove(I would rather do a bulk delete) with one star and songs I really like with 5 but everything else that is “ok” im leaving blank…

What are you using to rate? On my Windows (Vista) I have the option of adding that column and it shows based on Windows Media player (Thats What I use)

I rate the songs I want to delete as I listen to them on ths Fuze, then when I go to use WMP to “sync” so I can get rid of them it wont let me add “rating” to the device information desplay

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AHH… As Far as I can tell (I tried this myself when I first started) The Rating system is not backwards transferable from the fuze to WMP or to the computer. But the ratings on your computer will go to your fuze. All I can suggest is use the Fuzes internal delete capability as you go, Instead of rating the song and then pulling it to your Pc then deleteing it, Just delete it when you decide you dont like it. Another thing you can try is to add songs you don like to your Go-List, then they are all in one place and you can use the fuze’s delete capability to delete them.

That’s very UNCOOL, they need to put that rating capability into the firmware updates…

while i have your attention, whats up with all the album art filling up my photos folder? 

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Add the rating suggestion to The product Feature Suggestions board, it will get double coverage that way. Album art well… you used windows media player right? Plug your fuze in and go to the sync tab click the down arrow and go to your fuze, in the flyout menu click setup sync and make sure the box that says leave files on my device is selected once you finish that do the same thing again and a window called Device Setup will open in the top left hand corner there is a box that is called sync this device automatically make sure this is unchecked or WMP will try to add every piece of media you have to the fuze with out your knowlege.

I am assuming that you have your album art in the photos section of WMP.

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I used win explorer to load entire folders worth of music into the Fuze based on Artist…

my music> “artist name”> “album name”> “Songs with album art” 

did you at any point open WMP? It can do stuff without your knowlege. Try Going in and deleting the files, and see if they are still on your tracks?

Not until days after all the music I selected was on my fuze

Try Deleting it in Explorer, Then unplug and go to your songs and see if the art work is still there, It may be your tags are set up wrong and it imports it into your pics file.

WOAH no way, i deleted the files in the photos using only the Fuze and it kept the art in the music… AWESOME!!! THANKS

Glad I could help… sorta… Nice fix…