WMP and Syncing

I have an 8GB fuze with a 4gb microsd card. The internal memory is full and I have a few albums on the external memory. When I try to sync to the external card, with WMP, it tries to put my whole collection onto the card. Is it possible to sync only what is not on the internal memory, and if so how do I do it?

WMP is very moody, I had to end the sync partnership so it didn’t automatically sync everything, then all you have to do is hit cancel when the window that pops up asking if you want to create a partnership again and then just drag the music you want over to the sync side (under the song info) and Then just hit sync and it should only sync what you want to the card. I might be wrong cuz It’s been a long time since I did it.

It’s a setting in Windows Media Player.

Open Windows Media Player, Right-click on Sync, More Options… connect the Fuze and uncheck the Auto-Sync box.  The fact that Auto-Sync is the default setting causes problems for a lot of people. 

Look under Help in Windows Media Player under Sync for other options, like choosing to sync parts of your library. 

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