External Memory Card act as a memory extension


I’ve maxed out the internal memory of my Sansa Fuze. I recently purchased a 2GB microsd card for my Fuze. Unfortunatly, Windows Media Player (v12) recognises it as a separate device which will sync songs already on the internal memory of my MP3 player. Is there a way to link the internal memory of the Sansa Fuze with the microsd card?

I really don’t want to manually select the songs not on the internal memory and sync them to the card.

Thanks in advance,

Matt N

Yes, your computer and/or WMP (there is no v12, btw) will see your memory card as a separate drive, which it is.

You don’t need to link the card to your player’s internal memory though. While the files will be in separate memory locations, your Fuze will populate it’s lists (artists, albums, songs, etc.) from both sources and play music from both seamlessly.

There no way to tell WMP or your computer to ‘sync only the songs that are not on my player’s internal memory and put them on the card’ though. You’ll have to populate the ‘sync’ list yourself and specify to WMP that it copies to the card.