WMA or MP3 format best for use with Overdrive media console & clip+?


New to mp3’s and mobile players. I am looking at downloading an audio book from my library and many titles are available in either mp3 or wma. Some titles are only available in one or the other format.

Is one or the other of these formats generally better for use with the clip and overdrive console?


Hi Andy,

Mp3 uses significantly less Clip battery than wma, plus it’s free from any DRM surprises. 

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Any protected media (DRM) will have to be wma, as in Overdrive files.  Mp3 will also work fine, it all depends upon the available format.  Your Clip will play both.

As for the difference in power consumption, this is splitting hairs,  I use both MP3 and WMA interchangeably, and the difference in power consumption is like the difference between a red or a yellow rose- not very much difference, and the bees like both of them.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m afraid the difference between mp3 and drm-ed wma is bigger than that.

I’d avoid Overdrive completely if I was a bee, it’s more of a fly thing.

You mean Ben Matlock is using our forum? My local library has a much smaller library of MP3 files. Took them forever to get MP3s available. As a Mac person, WMA files are foreign to my OS. Not that I can’t use them, just more effort. I really don’t think my library works without using the OverDrive Media Console. I don’t believe the overall sound quality in a spoken word file, will matter all that much between WMA or MP3. The library should have previews available for the book files, and you probably can’t tell the difference from one format to the other. And yes, I’m getting Matlock Season Five next week. Giggles.

There are many factors involved, the primary one is more nuts and bolts: the data rate.  Using Audible .aa format, I get significantly longer service time than playing 160kbps WMA.

I’m spoiled, as I prefer audiobooks from Audible, with their convenient chapter format and navigation.

I ripped a copy of Michael Crichton’s State Of Fear last week, just for fun, from my CD set.  Man, did that process suck!  Windows Media Player is geared much better toward music than books.  You should see the maelstrom of stupid track names that ensued.  MP3Tag to the rescue.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: