WinXP Calling Fuze 2 devices

Weirdest darn thing, I have been using the Fuze for 2 weeks now with no issue with windows loading it and seeing the Sd card as a seperate location, but within the Fuze.   Now this morning, out of the blue, with nothing having changed with my set up, at least nothing I know of, Windows is loading the Fuze as one device and the sd card has a seperate drag and drop drive, giving the Fuze drive G and the card Drive H.      It lets me drag and drop to both, so is this really a non issue or do I have a problem?   I have uninstalled the USB drivers and rebooted a couple of times to no effect and I haven’t heard of this happening on the boards yet.

Check the USB Mode in Settings->System Settings->USB Mode.

Sounds like initially, you were running in MTP mode (you get ‘Internal Memory’ & ‘External uSD Card’ folders).

Then it sounds like MSC mode (separate removeable drives).

Set it to MTP mode (instead of Auto) and see what happens when you connect it to the PC.

If you can’t find the USB Mode setting on the player, you may need to updateyour firmware.

Oh, snap, I remember setting it to the MSC for connecting to my Xbox 360.  Thanks so much.  I didnt think it mattered, cool.


Anything you put in player internal memory using MSC mode will be invisible to the PC when connected in MTP mode, and vice versa. Stuff on the microSD card is always visible in both modes. Only Sandisk know why…