Fuze show as 2 drives

4 gb fuze shows up as 2 seperate drives under My computer. Yet only one can be accessed, clicking on the second one asks to insert drive media.

It is set Auto on the usb settings.

You’re in MSC mode, where the device is seen as two drives.  The first drive listed is the Sansa’s internal memory, and the second one is the expansion slot, for a Micro-SD memory card.

Bob :smileyvery-happy:

Bob I take it this is fine? I have my 8gb unit set to auto usb and when I plug it in it also shown two dives one is the Fuze’s inturnel drive * as it should* the other it a MTP drive with a camera icon… I plug in my wife’s 4gb unit again set to auto usb and her unit will just show just the Fuze with internal memory… Hummm?? I just ignore then MTP drive with camera icon when i plug my 8gb unit in…  But why this with both set to auto on the came PC? Should i set them up another way? We only use the unit on PC’s with MS Media 11 we have not MicroSDCH cards yet! We have only ripped cd’s to MP3 format so far. Thanks! George   Ok did I say we love both of our fuze’s!!  Ya think I did in a few other posts!! :smiley:

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Hi, just registered, checked the forum for information on my problem with the Fuze and ended up here. Unfortunately your answer to the question is really no help. I experience exactly the same problem, Fuze in MSC mode, two drives shown in the Windows explorer, but only the internal memory is being displayed as drive E: and can be accessed. Everytime I try to clic on the external drive F: it says “Please insert disc…” although it is already in place and can be seen under “system settings - info”. Firmware on the Fuze is latest. What can I do to be able to copy files on the Sandisk 4GB micro sdhc-card in MSC mode?