Problem when connecting my Fuze...

Hey, first time posting here, but I’m having a bit of trouble. Whenever I plug my Fuze into my computer, it shows up twice as two drives, F and G. While this hasn’t presented an actual problem putting music on my player, it bothers me because I’m not a computer whiz, and I’m not sure if it’s a bad thing or not. Is this something other people have experienced? Is it an issue? Drive F works; G does not.

If it matters, I’m using Vista SP1.

The first drive will be the internal memory of the Fuze, the second will be the uSD card.  If you don’t have a card in, it may still show up, but you can’t put anything on a card that isn’t there.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Oh, so it’s SUPPOSED to be there? Oops. I’m an ■■■■■…

No, it’s just new to you.  I’m an IT guy, I get to deal with all kinds of things people have problems with that seem blindingly obvious to me.  It’s a matter of experience.