Two drives in Windows explorer

Hi, just registered, checked the forum for information on my problem with the Fuze but didn’t find a satisfying answer. Unfortunately your answer to the question in tho other thread is really no help. I experience this problem: Fuze in USB MSC mode, two drives shown in the Windows explorer, but only the internal memory being displayed as drive E: can be accessed. Everytime I try to clic on the external drive F: it says “Please insert disc…” although it is already in place and can be seen under “system settings - info”. Firmware on the Fuze is latest. What can I do to be able to copy files on the Sandisk 4GB micro sdhc-card in MSC mode directly from the Windows explorer?

Showing up as two drives is normal.  One is for the internal memory of the fuze, and the other is for the SD micro card.

If the SDMicro card is present and formatted, it should appear as a valid drive, and you should be able to open the drive and drag and drop or copy/paste.

If for some reason it is not showing up as valid media, you either have a bad card, or a bad Fuze.  One way to check is to plug the card separately into an external SD drive and see if Windows recognizes it in there.  SD Drives are fairly cheap Sandisk sells one for 10 bucks. 

If it works in the external drive, then you have a bum fuze.

Thank you p-opus, but that doesn’t solve the problem. The SD card is being recognized by the Fuze and even on my PC but that only in MTC mode so I can copy pics and videos on it using the Sansa Media Converter. It just won’t work to copy mp3 files in the Windows explorer. Can this be a problem with either the card or the Fuze?  

Are you able to right click the files you want to transfer and use the “Send to” pop-up menu to send them to the drive?

Nope, doesn’t work that way. But what I tried out was to click on the external memory, create a new folder “music” there and copied mp3 files from my PC into that folder. And guess what happened? Yes, it worked. But only in the second USB mode (MTC?) where the Sanza Fuze is one drive under which the folders external and internal memory exist. That is the mode in which I cannot see the already copied mp3 files into the internal memory in the other USB mode MSC. I am going to delete them in MSC mode and recopy in the MTC mode. What a surprising gadget this Fuze is…

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