XP can't see MicroSD in MSC mode

My computers at home see the contents of my Fuze’s microSD card in MTP and MSC mode’s perfectly fine. However my PC at work can only see the microSD card when I put the Fuze in MTP mode. In MSC mode it doesn’t even show the existence of card [drive letter for internal memory, but none for microSD].

Almost all of the files on the card were transferred to it in MSC mode, and my work PC has Windows Media Player 11 [not that it should matter for MSC anyway]

Go to Disk Management (right-click My Computer, Manage) and see if the volume for the card shows up.  If so you can right click on the volume and manually assign a drive letter.

It shows up in disk management, which cleared up the confusion. The drive letter windows assigned to the microSD was the same drive letter that was assigned to a network drive. The network drive is no longer connected, so presumably windows assumed it was ok to use that letter (F:), even though in explorer it still displayed F: drive as the network drive, clicking on that drive brought up the contents of the microSD card, even though the drive still displayed as the name of the network drive.