windows unable to complete the format (0 capacity)


                Good day… i just wanna ask regarding this problem… ive tried the (diskpart- list disk-select disk-clean) but it didnt work…

do i have to install any app or anything to fix my flash drive… please txt me if you have any idea that could help me to fix my flash drive… thanks a lot…

this is a bad drive. it will need to be replaced. 

There is a similar problem :robotsad:. I can not complete the formatting in any FS, can not delete content… 

sandisk cruzer edge 8gb

Similar problem, similar solution.

Hello, after experiencing the similar windows unable to complete the format error problems recently with my 16GB Toshiba USB drive, I learned there were several methods to resolve such drive issues:

1). Check this flash drive is write protected or password protected. If it is, go remove the password protection or write protection at first.

2). Format it in Disk Management again

But, if it is not, merely go try to perform a format on your drive in Disk Management of your PC.

3). Use flash drive formatting software.

Or if that also does not work, just go download a memory card formatting program to have a try.

Hope these words also help.