Unable to format 16GB


I have been unable to access my Sandisk flash memory stick.  I have tried repairing and cleaning programmes.  I have tried formatting it, but after a while I get an error message saying - unable to complete formatting. 

Can anyone help or is th stick just fit for the bin??

Sounds like the latter I’m afraid.


Try to use low level format tool, there are a lot of them free just google it, if still no success, it means that the circuit of the usb has the problem already,  you can contact your manufacturer and ask for replacement if it’s under warranty.

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Hi there,

You meant that the memory stick can be recognized by your PC by you couldn’t access your files on it? Here is the solution.

  1. Retrieve your photos and videos off it with memory stick data recovery software,recommended one is Tenorshare Data Recovery (simply because i was using it and it worked).

2.Format it with memory stick formatting tool like Memory Stick Formatter,Any Drive Formatter.

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pen drive (latter):j: 
Open cmd. 
start>run>cmd enter 
cd/ enter 
format j:/q enter 
y enter successful.

Hope this information helps you.

FWIW  A link for Any Drive Formatter : http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/Any-Drive-Formatter-Download-188330.html

I am unable to format or delete the storages resulting that my pen drive is secured with write protection, please help in this regard


      The R/Sir,

          My scandisk 8 gb pendrive unable to format message show.

I am using win 7 O.S.

         What is the solution for formatting pendrive and continue to work properly.

         pl. help me sir.


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