Windows Media Player just don't open

When i click on WMP, it just don’t open, i’ve tried deleting the program and downloading it again but when i click on the icon, it doesn’t do a thing, has anyone ever had this problem??? can you help me plz???

It isn’t a shortcut problem, it just doesn’t open

i have windows vista home with WMP 11, and i don’t know what to do

thank you for your time

How did you download it again?  From where?  Last time I checked, there was no downloadable WMP11 for Vista (it comes with the OS.)  All of the downloadable versions are for XP and lower.

either way it still didn’t work so how can i fix it???

If I knew, I would’ve told you…  hence the questions I asked - I need some hints.

So, please answer the earlier questions.  Also, which icon are you clicking on?  What exactly have you downloaded and run in an attempt to fix the issue?  Finally, if you right-click on the icon and hit Properties, what does it say in the Target field?

Last but not least, see if this works:

Open the Start menu
Click on Run…
Type ‘wmplayer’ (without the quotes) and hit Enter or click OK