????????????? Windows Media MP4 - conversion - or??????????????

Hi all -

I’ve tried everything I can think of.

Nothing’s worked.

I have a 10-CD set of lectures that I wanted to put onto my Fuze.

When I put them into my computer to put them onto my hard drive to then put them onto my Fuze is when I bumped into these probs.

First, they all open in Windows Media Player, version 11, I think.

I can’t figure out how to just drag from just the CD into a folder without opening Windows Media.

All of this sort of automatically open itunes.

So I copied and pasted from itunes into a folder I’d created to then drag and drop into my Fuze.

No go.

I’ve checked “properties” and these things are listed as MP4.

Do I convert them from MP4 to MP3?

Or better yet, how can I just drag and drop directly from the CDs onto the Fuze.

Thank you.


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This is a music CD your’re trying to put in your computer?

You can’t just copy and paste it directly from the CD.  You have to rip it first.  You can use WMP to rip the music to your library (it will do it as an mp3 or the other windows format, you can edit this in the settings).  Once you rip the CDs on your computer, then you can copy and paste them onto your Fuze.

You just have to make usre that your music files are of a format that the fuze supports.

MP4?  MPEG?  Are these videos are songs/audio files?

If they’re videos, you have to download the Sansa Converter to convert the files to the right format for your Fuze.

Thank you for your help.

They’re MP4.

It’s audio CDs.

Is there more info on this process?

I never needed to do this for my CLKIP.

Thank you.,


iTunes likes the aac and MP4 formats if I understand correctly.

There is an option to transfer in MP3 format, I believe, but sorry to say I don’t personally use the application.  Perhaps there are others with iTunes that can elaborate…

I would simply transfer the CDs in MP3 format with Windows Media Player.

Open WiMP, and click on the Rip button, after loading your CD in the drive.  The CD will be transferred to your lirary on the PC.  Then, with the Fuze connected, you can manually transfer the files by selecting the Sync tab, and dragging the desired files to the sync list on the right side of the screen.

WiMP is a bit quirky to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, transfers are quite smooth.

Bob :smileyvery-happy:

You’ll need to convert the MP4s to MP3. I would recommend dbPowerAmp for any conversion needs. If you use MSC as your USB mode (in the Fuze settings), you could specify it as the output folder and dbPoweramp can put the MP3s directly on the Fuze.