Probably a question asked before, but

I don’t have time to search through the whole board for it. I had about 15 mp4s that I put on the Fuze. They didn’t show up, but I figured that the Fuze just wasn’t compatible with that format, but that confused me seeing as I had a View that read those tracks just fine. I figured whatev. I converted them to mp3s like the rest of my music. They still won’t read. I don’t get it, and it’s irritating me. I don’t really know if the program I used converted them right, but it really shouldn’t matter since my old (now dead) View read the tracks just fine. So all I want is to find out how to get these tracks to show up on my Fuze. Does anyone know any tricks I can try?

Umm, try a different converter?

Tricks… well, I suppose you can try crossing your fingers, or maybe rub a rabbit’s foot or something…

How did you put the files onto the Fuze?  Just copy or drag and drop?

You may have to use the Sansa Media Converter (SMC).

Just because they work on another player does not mean that they will work on the Fuze.

Kind of a confusing question, since you’re jumbling video and audio.

Mp4 are video files, so if you started with mp4 I don’t understand how you are converting them to mp3 audio files.

Meanwhile,  the View is made for video, and plays more kinds of video files without conversion than the Fuze does. To get video onto the Fuze you need either the Sansa Media Converter, available through the Sansa Updater, or video4Fuze, the homegrown application many people prefer.

However, if you are talking about m4a files from iTunes, those can be converted to mp3–most easily with iTunes itself, Create Mp3 File–and those should just drag and drop onto the Fuze. 

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It could also be that the conversion removed the tags, so the songs are sitting in Unknown.

Searching really isn’t that time consuming…

You’re awesome! I thank you kindly. :smiley: They were in Unknown. doy