Windows doesn't recognize my Clip+ in Autodetect or MTP mode

When I first got my Clip+, I followed the instructions in the user manual and fully loaded my 8GB clip with music.  Evidently, the defaults set with AutoDetect, put me in MTP mode.  I then used a USB reader/writer to load a 16 GB external microsdhc card.  Evidently, that was written in MSC mode. I inserted the card, let the DB refresh and things seemed fine.

Now my Clip+ is no longer recognized by WMP as a media device.  It tells me there is no device  recognized and to attach it even though it is there.  I tried removing the external card and still I get the error.  I tried attaching the Clip+ in both MTP and AutoDetect modes.  Windows Media Help tells me the error code is C00D1179.  There is no info available.

I am willing to rewrite everything in MSC mode and just keep the Clip in that mode.  But how do I get out of the pickle I am in?  How do I erase everything on the internal memory when I can’t attach the Clip or see anything in Powerdesk?  Sheesh!

Thanks for any guidance you can give me.

You can wipe everything off the internal memory by going into system settings in your clip plus and choosing the format option.

Have you tried a reset first and made sure that the cable is fully inserted into your clip plus/usb port?  The ports on the sansa can be tight when new and it’ll seem as if the plug is pushed all the way in, but it isn’t.