Windows doesn't recognisize pilot of c250

Hi everybody !

(I hope that u’ll understand my bad english :cry:)

Yesterday, I succesfully applied the new update of the firmware on my c250.

But now, when I connect the mp3 on the pc (auto detect),  windows doesn’t recognisize it and wants me to install “MTP Device”.

If a accept it, the installation crashes because of a problem.

And if a don’t accept it, my c250 isn’t recognisize.

The 2 solutions crashes…

Before the update, when I were connect the mp3 to the pc, it was automatically recognisized by windows and in the workstation (translation ?) the c250 was here, and I were just drop music into the music file.

Step 1 :

Step 2 : (translation : A section of installation of service in this file INF is not valid.)

Step 3 : (translation : The peripherals of this pilot are not installed.)

Expecting answers !!:smiley:

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you can contact sandisk via to send you an older version of the firmware. If you go to settings>info and check the firwmare version, it should have a P at the end of it. Which would explain the autodetect.


I try now.


No answer from sandisk… :angry:

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