Windows 98 Driver for the Sansa Connect?

My searches tell that there is no Win98 driver for the Sansa Connect, but I just want to be certain.

I’m only looking for a driver that will allow the device to be seen as a d: drive and allow me to drag and drop files.  WMP and other synching not necessary.

My laptop is for travel only, runs Win98 FE, and at this point, its USB will charge the Sansa Connect, but will not show it in My Computer.

Thanks for any help,


no, and there wont be one unless sandisk gives us a UMS mode. MTP is so broken, it hardly (if at all) works in windows XP/Vista, it’s a joke that they refuse to give us a UMS mode.

Nope, sorry.  The Connect uses the Microsoft MTP protocol/driver, which is included with WMP 10 and 11.   These versions of WMP require XP or Vista. 

Bummer, but thanks, you two, for confirming what I was already finding out.  Too bad–we’ve got some very long plane rides coming up and because the Sansa Connect is my daughter’s, I was hoping to stocktpile some extra movies on the Win98 hard driver and switch them in and out of the Sansa if she runs out of viewing material.

I guess I can buy a card, but was hoping to avoid it.

Thanks again,