window x64 / sansa connect

hi, just bought a sansa connect today and go to install the drivers from the CD and it won’t let me because I am running 64 bit windows xp… it says its only good for 32 bit windows… any idea if there are 64 bit drivers in existance out there??? Hopefully they start putting 32bit vs. 64bit on boxes for this kind of stuff, because I didn’t think about it until after I already bought it…


Yeah, i’ve noticed that Windows XP 64 Bit has some problems with MTP devices.  The device might work but it can still encounter some other dilemmas due to this compatiblity inconsistency.  So, in essence, it’s the operating system causing the conflict.

Agreed.  If the OS supports MTP, the Connect should work with it.  (although libmtp on Linux does not support the Connect, it’s just because that’s not a robust API and is constantly being developed)

Take the issue up with Windows Media, if their MTP on x64 is not working, I would say the issue belongs to them.