Windows 98 Driver Suggestions

Bought the Sansa m250 mp3 player.  Did not realize that you needed XP for the install.  Yeah, a little behind the time.  Anyway, is there a driver or anything for what i’m running?  My daughter wants her tunes :frowning:


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To get your m2xx player working under Win 98 you will need two things:

1.  The generic Windows 98SE USB mass storage device driver pack.  You can download the pack here:

The website also shows instructions on how to install the pack.  Actually, there are two versions, version 2 and version 3.  Version 3 is a little harder to install, but I did it and Ver 3 works great with my m240.  I followed the instructions on the website, then just plugged the Sansa into the USB, and Windows found it.  I told it to search the \Windows\INF directory for the new driver files, since that’s where they were, and I was able to immediately drag’n’drop files onto the player.

This driver pack is part of the Win9x Power Pack, which can be downloaded here:

I haven’t used the Power Pack myself, but as soon as ver 5.10 comes out, I am installing it.


2.  Media Monkey.  You can download it here:

It will manage music files on your PC and will connect with your Sansa and download files to it.  Media Monkey can also create playlists, and the Sansa will play those as well.  I don’t think Media Monkey can connect to iTunes or any other service (although I could be wrong), but it will rip CDs to various formats, it works with Win98, it can burn CDs, and it’s free (for the basic package - $19.95 unlocks certain convenient features).

If you want, you can download the LAME encoder for Media Monkey here:

then unZip it, and copy the files into the Media Monkey program directory, overwriting its LAME encoder with the new one you just unZipped.


I’ve tested all this on Windows 98SE using a Staples-brand powered USB 2.0 hub.  Good luck with your own setup.  I haven’t tried this with a c240 or anything that uses a second memory card, but the m2xx should have no trouble.  As a side note, when you plug the player into the USB, a little icon will appear in the lower right near the clock, and it has little arrow on it facing left.  When you go to unplug the player, click on this icon first, which will safely disconnect the player from Windows before you unplug it.  Wait for it to tell you it’s safe before unplugging it, it may take a few seconds.  Cheers!

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Thanks so much!  Downloaded drivers and now we are groovin’!  :smileyvery-happy:


It took me so long to find something that works with Win98, and that driver pack works with just about everything.  I’ll be able to postpone transferring to Linux for a little while longer.:manhappy:

Nice find, will be stickied for future request.

For podcast downloading, I have found that Nimiq works well with Windows 98.

I had trouble with the Doppler download program.