Windows 10

I use my Sansa with Windows media player. I heard Media player will no longer be available on Windows 10. What are some good options? Sansa products are the only MP3 players Ive ever owned and only have ever used Windown Media player to sync. Thanks

I never sync. I use my Sandisk players in MSC mode, and use Windows Explorer copy and paste to copy folders of files to my Sandisk players. 


There’s still a Windows Media Player in my Windows 10.

Windows Media Center, something else, is what’s being phased out. And there’s a stupid new Groove Music app.

Or you could switch from WMP.

Two longtime music library programs are

The free version is fine. If you need to rip CDs to mp3 you can make a little tweak.’s_free_trial_period%3F

Winamp, also free, is still available at

There are other music-library programs around, too, and probably good ones.  But those are old reliables. 

Oh Really, I was very confused. I thought media player is part of media center. Thanks for the info.

im on windows 10 now and it cant even recognize the player in mtp mode, which alot of my file are located under

yellow exclamation mark in device manager, is there any solution?

Can’t replicate your problem, so do some standard things.

Go into Device Manager and uninstall (not disable) the device with the exclamation point.

Reboot without the Sansa connected.

Go to and see if you can find Windows Media Player to update/reinstall/whatever.

On the Fuze go to Settings/System Settings/USB and set it to MTP rather than Auto Detect.

Open Windows Media Player before you connect the unit.

Or try opening WIndows Explorer before you connect the unit.

And if you have another Fuze cord, try that too.

We are all looking for the favorites toolbar in windows.

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