sansa fuze mp3 4gb

i have sync’d some cds to my mp3 player & when i went to sync some more , it deleted the tracks id previously put on , how do i stop that from happening ?

Assuming that you are using Windows Media Player…if that’s the case, I’m not the person to offer support here.

I find Synching libraries and devices are a tremendous pain in the neck, fraught with errors and frustrations.  I stopped using MTP USB mode many moons ago.

Now just go MSC mode and drag-n-drop files.  If you don’t want it, you delete it.  If you want it, you copy it onto the device.  Pretty simple.  Works well.

Also, once you get your device all set up with photos, videos, music and all the particulars therein, I’d suggest archiving the entire thing to a hard drive somewhere or to a DVD disk(s).  That give you backup in case you ever hard-crash and need to reformat.

thanx 4 the reply , yeah ive used the msc mode , doesnt make any difference still auto deletin prev loaded tracks , also wont put album art .

You must have Windows Media Player set on Auto-Synch, which means it matches what’s in your computer to what’s on your Fuze. You need to connect the Sansa and change the Sync settings. You may have to click on the very top line of Windows Media Player to reveal the menu. 

 Or, better, put it in MSC mode. Don’t open Windows Media Player. Drag and drop the folders into Music or any other place on the Fuze.