Windos does not recognize my fuze anymore...why ?

O.k I don’t know what happend, suddenly my sansa fuze is no longer recognized by Windos.

I don’t know why, I try MPT mode And MSC and nothing works. The batery is to LOW !!! I can’t even charge it. 

It says: One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windos does not recognize it.

If Windos does not recognize it how can I install the latest firmwire or drive or whatever… ???:angry:

What can I do ? Please somebody help me!!


Have you tried the Reset already? If not, hold the power switch up for about 30-45 secs then plug it back to your computer.  You might want to try the back usb port if you are using a Desktop computer.

Oh yes I reset it to factory settings, I try another USB port and nothing works…hold it for 30-45 sec and nothing happens.:angry::cry:

Try a different computer or try another USB 30 pin cable just to isolate the problem.

Bad cord maybe?