Will my Sansa Fuze work in my new Win7?

I’m a complete newbie here and just got a new computer running Win7.  I’ve spent 2 hours reading through the forum and I’m just as confused.  I have a Sansa Fuze version 2.01.17A (taken from my settings menu).  If I connect the Fuze will it be detected and offer the update needed for Win7 automatically?  I read there are 2 updates, neither one matching the version Fuze I have.

There is no Win 7 update per say available. The 02.01.17a version you’re seeing in the Info screen is your firmware version, not the Fuze version. So yes, based on that you probably want to upgrade the firmware. You can get the updates here.

Thank you. 

It says to turn off Replay Gain, is that in Settings?

I take it, I do the Revision 2 download?

My Sanza is 2 GB

It’s probably safer for you to just install the .26 (last) firmware version as suggested in the firmware update post. There are a few bugs in the Rev. 2 version that will be addressed soon.

I use my Fuze in Windows all the time.  For some reason, when I go to see how much power is left in the device, using the tab that appears in the taskbar, it will say “critically low (0% charge)”, even though I know that isn’t true.  That’s been my only problem.