Fuze will not power up.

My 1 3/4 year old fuze will not power on, and windows explorer will not recognize that a device is even connected! I have plugged it into a wall charger and soft reset it with the power switch. Please help! 

Ughhhh… I think my battery is fried.

Mine is doing that too…My friend said to re-install the software for it but all it’s doing is re-installing rhapsody

You can try updating Windows Media Player from www.microsoft.com. The Fuze likes version 10 or 11 and won’t connect to WMP 9. Then try connecting. If this works, do the happy dance.

Otherwise, the firmware you need to install goes on the Fuze, not your computer. 

Download the firmware (not the Updater, the Firmware for your country) from  this thread.

Unzip it into a folder called v1. 

Get the one from this thread too. 

Unzip it into a folder called v2.

The unzipped files will each be called fuzea.bin. 

The Fuze comes in two versions. We’re going to have to see which one you have after you connect it. 

To connect it: 

With the unit off, put the HOLD switch so the orange shows.

Plug the USB into your computer. 

Hold down the << button on the Fuze. 

Connect the Fuze to the USB while holding the << button. 

When it shows Connected you can let go of the << and look for the Fuze in My Computer (XP) or Computer (Vista).

Let it stay connected for a while to try and recharge the battery.  Half an hour would be nice. Have a cup of coffee. Check your email.  Call your mom. Etc. 

While it’s charging, look for version.sdk in the driveletter labeled Sansa Fuze. Open it. Windows may not know how to open it–click Select Program from a List and choose Notepad. 

Mine looks like this:

Product: Fuze
FW: V01.02.26A
Region: Americas

That’s firmware version 1. If the FW starts with 01,  use the v1 from the 1.0 thread. If the FW starts with 03, use the v2. 

Close version.sdk without saving any changes. 

Take the correct version of fuzea.bin and drag-and-drop it onto the Sansa Fuze driveletter in Computer or My Computer (E:, F:, G:, whatever). 

Then disconnect it. With luck you have charged the Fuze a bit and it will show that it’s upgrading the firmware.